1. Is this a debit card only solution?

No, our system accepts all major credits cards. However, in order to be compliant the transaction must be pinned. By informing your customers ahead of time they can be prepared with their PIN.

2. Do you hold reserves?

No, we do next business day funding. Reserves are usually held for merchant accounts because of high chargeback ratios. Our chargeback ratio is very low since our transactions are pinned based.

3. Do I need a cannabis friendly bank account?

No, We deposit into any business or personal bank account owned by any partner with more at least 25% ownership in the company. Call us for cannabis banking options and tips

4. Is my equipment insured?

All our equipment come with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty and we also offer insurance through our leasing program. We are quick to send put replacements when needed.

5. Do you integrate with my POS system?

Maybe, give us a call and find out. It certainly is a possibility if your pos provider is open to it.

6. How do we reconcile?

You have your own portal where you can view live daily transactions. the terminals also have a batch report that can be printed at the end of every day.