Rewards are your worst enemy

The Problem 

By now you are aware that every credit card and debit card out there charges a different fee...this fee is called interchange. Every 6 months the IC for every card issued changes which makes it hard to track. 

So, you can have a customer use a  Visa Debit Card vs. a Visa Platinum card which 

offers the card holder CASH BACK.  Merchants pay for card issuer rewards to their customers, Just to be clear the issuer "offers" rewards that you the merchant pay for......that's right!


Cash Discount

The Solution


ZERO fees
cash discount 

By providing your customer "Cash Discounted" prices you can pass on the savings on credit card fees. 

The customer would pay cash or pay a convenience fee for using their credit card. 

This alternative is better and more cost efficient than having your customer go to an ATM machine or risk them going somewhere else for lack of payment options.